Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Miss Teen World 2009 winner is Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson, 16, won Miss Teen World 2009 in Houston, Texas. Amy Jackson is from Liverpool, UK. Amy Jackson said she may live in Texas for 1 year to promote Miss Teen World.

Miss Teen World 2009 results:

Miss Teen World 2009 winner is Amy Jackson

Miss Teen World 2009 results, the winner is Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson had previous rounds of Miss Teen Liverpool and Miss Teen Great Britain contests, which helped her to qualify to get into Miss Teen World beauty pageant. Amy’s father is BBC Radio Merseyside presenter, Alan Jackson. Alan Jackson told that he was very proud of Amy. Amy Jackson aspires to study law and model part time in the UK. Amy Jackson won a modeling contract in the US, a wardrobe of attire for her public appearances to promote her sponsors, 1 year supply of cosmetics and shoes.

Priyanka Chopra Miss World 2000

Miss India has done it yet again! Priyanka Chopra, 18, was crowned Miss World 2000 at a glittering ceremony at London's Millenium Dome on November 30.The event marked the crossing of more than one milestone in India's track record in international beauty pageants.

Georgia Palmas, Miss Italy, was the first runner-up and Yuksel Ak, Miss Turkey , the second. They joined several other contestants in hugging Priyanka after the result was announced, as gold glitter released from the ceiling settled on the victor's head and shoulders.

The crowning of Priyanka by Yukta Mookey highlighted the fact that an Indian had won the title for the second year in a row. Only two other countries - Sweden and the United Kingdom - have achieved back-to-back Miss World titles. Priyanka is the fifth Miss India to have won the Miss World title. Venezuela is the only other country to have won so many crowns in this pageant.

Priyanka joins Lara

Priyanka's victory also ensured that both the most coveted titles in international beauty pageants were in India's possession for the year 2000. Lara Dutta had won the Miss Universe crown earlier this year. One is reminded of 1994, when Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai achieved the first Indian 'double.'

According to indiainfo.com Priyanka had been the favourite of London bookies for most of the past week. What clinched her victory, according to "sources close to the judges," was her response to a question: "Whom do you consider the most successful living woman, and why?"

Disregarding the reference to a "living" woman, Priyanka said "There are a lot of people I admire, but one of the most admirable people is Mother Teresa, who has been so compassionate, considerate and kind." She said that Mother Teresa had been the greatest influence in her life and that she admired her from the bottom of her heart.

One recalls that during the Miss Universe pageant of 1994 Sushmita Sen won quite a bit of appreciation by expressing admiration for Mother Teresa.


Did Priyanka experience extra pressure because last year's winner was also from India? Her reply to this question from compere Jerry Springer drew applause. "There has always been pressure," said Priyanka. "I always work better under pressure. Without pressure there won't be any expectations."

In an interview with Miss World Online just after being crowned, Priyanka admitted that it was an "immense responsibility," adding: "I am looking forward to every bit of it." For India she had a simple message: "I love you all."

Indian clothes designer Hemant Trivedi was one of the judges at this year's show. As the show marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Miss World pageant, several past Miss Worlds had been invited to attend. Springer asked Reita Faria, Miss India and Miss World 1966, whether she had kept any of the mementos from her victory. "Only my memories," she replied.

Like Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta, Priyanka has an armed forces family background. She completed high school from Boston, in the United States. Her present home is Bareilly, where she is a second-year engineering student.

But whether Priyanka will now feel inclined to pursue her "ambition" to become a software engineer is open to question. She accepted the offer, made after she had won the Femina Miss India - World title in January this year, of the starring role in a film. The film, titled 'Goodnight Princess,' has been completed.

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Russian crowned Miss World 2008

Kseniya Sukhinova from Russia was crowned Miss World 2008 after beating 108 other international beauties in a glittering African extravaganza held in South Africa on Saturday.

"And Miss World 2008 is Russia," announced Julia Morley, head of the Miss World committee that organises the event.

The second runner up was Gabrielle Walcott of Trinidad and Tobago and the first runner up Parvathay Omanakuttan of India.

The 21-year-old blue-eyed blonde beauty, who declared shortly before her win was announced that being nervous made her "feel stronger", takes over from Zhang Zi Lin of China to become the 58th Miss World.

"I think I can help people and I want to help people and today if I walk away with this crown I will do that," Sukhinova told judges through a translator after being asked why she should be crowned the winner.

Hailing from Nizhnevartovsk in the north west of Siberia, Sukhinova was dressed in a purple gown, with a decorative neckline and flowing skirt.

She is a student pursuing a science degree as an engineer of administration from the Tyumen Oil and Gas University.

Sukhinova becomes the second Miss Russia to go on and win the global event after Julia Kourochkina took the crown in 1992.

India's Omanakuttan wooed the crowd by greeting them in Afrikaans, and referring to heroes such as Mahatma Ghandi and South Africa's first black president Nelson Mandela, who was also quoted by Trinidad and Tobago's Walcott.

Contestants, aged 17 to 25, were dressed by South African and Jamaican designers for the final show after a month of galas, rehearsals and even a safari on the tip of the African continent.

Trading glamour for the bush, the beauties donned T-shirts and sneakers as they gamely tramped into the bush to see lions and giraffes, play African drums, sleep in huts and cook traditional Zulu meals.

Johannesburg sought to use the event to boost its image as a world class city, despite being known for its high crime rates, while the country also hopes to benefit from the publicity ahead of staging the football World Cup in 2010.

"I think we have been able to showcase the best of what our country has to offer," said judge Lindiwe Mahlangu, the chief executive of Johannesburg tourism.

Beauties from 109 countries were whittled down to 15 semi-finalists, with India, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, Angola and South Africa among the five finalists.

South Africa's Tansey Coetzee had her home crowd on their feet shouting support as her name as a finalist was announced.

The winner of the event, broadcast live to millions of viewers in 187 countries, has to espouse "beauty with a purpose", with charity being one of the main focuses of the pageant.

"Over the years the crown that is worn by the winner is a symbol for fund-raising. Miss World herself, this year, the winner from China, she's raised over $US30 million [$45 million] in her year in office," Morley said.

"So perhaps from anything else it does a lot of good things for needy children and old people, which I think is important too."

The competition was originally scheduled for October 4 in Kiev, but was delayed in September over security concerns due to the conflict between neighbours Russia and Georgia.

Tatana Kuracharova - Miss World 2006

Warswaw, the capital city of Poland. Representatives from 104 countries and territories attended the Miss World.Miss Czech Republic, Tatana Kuracharova, was elected Miss World. At the onset, Venezuela´s Federica Alexandra Guzman Diamante was the favourite. Many people thought that Miss Venezuela was robbed…

Unnur Birma - Miss World 2005

Representatives from 104 countries and territories attended the Miss World. Unnur Birma Vilhjámsdottir became the third Icelandic to win the Miss World pageant.

Maria Garcia - Miss World 2004

China.Representatives from 107 countries, territories and dependencies attended the Miss World.Miss Peru, Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia,was elected Miss Americas and Miss World by internet users. Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia was the second woman from Peru to win the Miss World title.After her victory, she was given a heroic welcome in her country.Currently, she is an idol in Peru such as Teofilo Cubillas (former football player),Cecilia Tait Villacorta (former sportswoman), and Gladys Zender (ex-Miss Universe).

Miss Ireland - Miss World 2003

For the first time,the peoples´s Republic of China hosted the pageant.Representatives from 106 countries, territories and dependencies attended the Miss World. Miss Ireland was crowned Miss World and Miss Europe. At the onset,Rossana Davison, was the favourite.

Azra Akin - Miss World 2002

2002:Abuja (Nigeria) and London(England). Representatives from 88 countries and territories attended the Miss World. Azra Akin was the first person from Turkey to win the Miss World pageant.Vietnam,a communist country in Asia, competed at the Miss World pageant for the first time.Miss Vietnam,Pham Thi Mai Phuong, was semi-finalist.

Bing Li - Miss World 2001

Miss Nigeria,Ibiagbanidokibudo Asenté Darego, was crowned Miss World. At the onset, Miss Chile, Christiane Balmelli was the favourite.Surprisingly, Miss Chile did not qualify for the semi-finals. The People´s Republic of China competed at the Miss World pageant for the first time.Miss China,Bing Li, was finalist.