Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Miss Teen World 2009 winner is Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson, 16, won Miss Teen World 2009 in Houston, Texas. Amy Jackson is from Liverpool, UK. Amy Jackson said she may live in Texas for 1 year to promote Miss Teen World.

Miss Teen World 2009 results:

Miss Teen World 2009 winner is Amy Jackson

Miss Teen World 2009 results, the winner is Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson had previous rounds of Miss Teen Liverpool and Miss Teen Great Britain contests, which helped her to qualify to get into Miss Teen World beauty pageant. Amy’s father is BBC Radio Merseyside presenter, Alan Jackson. Alan Jackson told that he was very proud of Amy. Amy Jackson aspires to study law and model part time in the UK. Amy Jackson won a modeling contract in the US, a wardrobe of attire for her public appearances to promote her sponsors, 1 year supply of cosmetics and shoes.

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